Minister Fazliu stressed that this is an exceptionally important program document in which preparation should contribute to all stakeholders.

-Ministry approached the amendments to the Program for Sustainable Local Development and Decentralization, primarily due to the harmonization with the strategic documents of the competent ministries, as well as for alignment with the priorities in the Government Program. The Government of the Republic of Macedonia emphasizes the emphasis on creating conditions for functional municipalities, responsible to the citizens in the exercise of their competencies. In accordance with the principle of subsidiarity, the decentralization of the government will continue in the areas in which this will mean easier, more efficient and more economical access to the service and will encourage the development of the municipalities. Improving the system of financing, transparent and predictable allocation of earmarked grants and capital grants, transparent, accountable and responsible work and realization of priorities in consultation with citizens, said Minister Fazliu.

The Ministry of Local Self-Government, with the support of UNDP, parallely has approached the preparation of an Action Plan for the implementation of the Program.

The consultative process in the preparation phase of the two documents will continue with the organization of two more forum sessions, which all participants will have the opportunity to make their contribution.