EU-funded Cross-Border Cooperation research papers for the projects implemented under IPA 2007-2013 and IPA 2014 -2020 Cross-Border Cooperation Programme between North Macedonia and Albania


The Ministry of Local-Self Government in the Republic of North Macedonia and Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Albania, as the Operating Structures of the IPA II Cross-Border Cooperation programme Republic of North Macedonia - Republic of Albania 2014- 2020, in the framework of this programme are launching today, March 12th 2021, a contest for the selection of applicants for preparing research papers concerned about inplementation of projects funded by IPA Cross border cooperation programmes North Macedonia - Albania IPA 1 (2007 – 2013) and IPA 2 (2014-2020). The operational structures of this CBC programme are interested in knowing how the implementation of the IPA CBC Programme between North Macedonia and Albania contributes to improving the lives of inhabitants in the programmme area. The call, will involve applicants from North Macedonia and Albania according the eligibility criteria set out in the guidelines for this call.


The guidelines and application form for this open call can be downloaded from the following official websites:;;;

Contestants for the ‘EU-funded award contract for cross-border cooperation research papers’ shall comply with the following eligibility criteria to participate:


  1. The contestant must be a legal or a natural person (the natural persons belonging to an University, student, professor / mentors, etc).
  2. The contestant must be established or be a student or university professor at one of the beneficiary country.
  3. When the contestant is a legal person, it must be one of the following types of legal persons:
  • Private or public higher education institution;
  • Research institutes or research organizations connected with the academic community.


The other eligibility criteria’s you can find in the Guidelines for applicants.


The deadline for submission of entries is by midnight Central European time on 1st of  May 2021.



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