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‘Empowering Municipal Councils’ project

The main objective of the project "Empowering municipal councils" financed by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) and implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) is to provide support to municipal councils to be more effective and autonomous bodies, to better deal with the influence of the executive, to appropriately fulfil their constitutionally assigned roles of legislation, oversight and advocacy. As a result, these efforts will increase the transparency and accountability of the Mayor towards the Council and of the municipality towards the citizens and will improve the living conditions in the local community through successful implementation of the priority community projects.

For the duration of the project 2016-2020, a total of 24 municipalities will be directly involved in its implementation. Since August 2016, the project worked with six pilot municipalities (Strumica, Valandovo, Sveti Nikole, Chair, Veles and Ohrid) that were selected as part of the preparatory phase of the project in 2015. The six pilot municipalities were selected through the creation of a sample of different types of municipalities and include urban and rural municipalities, different numbers of population, municipalities from different regions, municipalities governed by the position and the opposition, municipalities with negative audit reports, municipalities with blocked accounts, etc.

Through this call for expressing interest in taking part in the "Empowering municipal councils" project additional 9 municipalities will be selected to be included in the project as of January 2019.

The activities with the new nine selected municipalities will take 18 months, and their implementation is planned to start in January 2019 and end in June 2020.

Municipalities that express interest to submit Application for taking part in the “Empowering Municipal Councils” project can download the Operational Guidelines and the Application from the following web pages:






Applications must be delivered by hand, by post, or by courier at the following address:

In order for the applications to pass the evaluation for admittance, they must be delivered at the above address, no later than by 14:00 hours on 12 October 2018.