Cross-border Programme - the Instrument of Pre-accession Assistance (IPA II) allocations for 2014 & 2015


Press Conference and info session on the occasion of publication of the  

1st Call for Proposals

Cross-border Programme the Republic of Macedonia - Republic of Albania- EuropeAid/152956/DD/ACT/MK



On September 21, 2016 at 11:00 hrs, promotion of publication will be organised in the premises of the EU Info Centre as well as info session to interested stakeholders. This is the 1st Call for Proposals that is announced under this cross border cooperation programme since November 2011.

Official addresses will be delivered by:

  • Mr. Samuel ZBOGAR, Head of Delegation, EU Delegation Skopje
  • Mrs. Shiret ELEZI, Minister, Ministry of Local Self Government
  • Mr. Arbr ADEMI, Deputy Prime Minister, Secretariat for European Affairs

At 11:30 hrs an information session with interested stakeholders will be held during which detailed presentation on the Guidelines for applicants will be delivered. The audience will have opportunity to ask questions in regards to the content of the Call so that they can better prepare their submissions.

In addition, six (6) information sessions on this call for proposals will be organised in the eligible area Republic of Macedonia and Republic of Albania (Gostivar, Bitola, Ohrid, Peskopia, Korca and Elbasan) in September/October 2016. The exact places and dates of the information sessions will be additionally announced on the EuropeAid website, on the website of the EU Delegation in Skopje and on the website of the Ministry of Local Self Government.

Background information

Under the 1st Call for Proposals for the Cross-border Cooperation (CBC) Programme the Republic of Macedonia – Republic of Albania, 2014-2020, the Delegation of European Union is seeking cross-border cooperation projects aiming to promote good neighborly relations and socio-economic development as well as fostering the European Union accession. The CBC Programme provides the socio-economic situation of the border region, sets out a common strategy for remedying problems identified and formulates joint thematic priorities for development. The available fund for the Call is: 2,890,000 (EUR) 

This Call for Proposals includes three (3) Priority areas, as following:

Priority 1: Encouraging tourism, culture and natural heritage

Priority 2: Enhancing competitiveness, business, trade and investment

Priority 3: Protecting environment, promoting climate change adaptation and mitigation, risk prevention and management

Journalists and photographers are kindly invited to cover this event.

The full Guidelines for Applicants are available for consultation at the following addresses: