Milevski: For the residents of Lozovo, the House of Culture Kocho Racin we have transferred into a multifunctional facility for cultural and sports events


Through the change of the roof structure, installation of thermal insulation facade, changed wooden interior, new multipurpose floor, equipment, and new doors and windows, it was possible to open a multifunctional space intended for holding cultural events and sports competitions for the citizens of the municipality of Lozovo.


- With the full implementation of the planned project activities with a total value of 7,704,223 denars, the socio-cultural life of the inhabitants of the municipality of Lozovo will be significantly improved in the target area, and cultural workers and culture lovers will have their place to promote Ovce Pole traditional folk dances and songs, as well as for enjoying the cultural events that are held in the municipality. The Bureau for Regional Development and the Ministry of Local Self-Government participate with 80 percent of the project funding, while the remaining 20 percent is provided by the municipality, said Local Self Government Minister Goran Milevski.

 In the frame of the project , it is reconstructed  the House of Culture "Kocho Racin" , which was built in 1985, and will be used as a sports hall that will be intended for sports events.


- This facility was non-functional for 40 years, today it got a new look in order to serve the citizens for cultural and sports events so that they can use it constantly in the future. I am proud as mayor and I want to express my gratitude to the Government, said the mayor of Lozovo, Aco Velkovski.


The facility was officially opened by the Minister of Local Self-Government Goran Milevski, the Mayor of Lozovo Aco Velkovski, as well as the Director of the Bureau for Regional Development, Ramiz Redzepi and the Director of the Vardar Planning Region, Igor Andreevski.