New Strategy for Regional Development and New Law for Balanced Regional Development, always coming from the real needs of the citizens ,through improvement of the system of the local self- government , consistent implementation and more efficiency management with the IPA Funds of the European Union for cross border cooperation, are the main priorities of the Minister of Local self-government , Goran Milevski.

Government and I as a minister for local self-government in the new mandate continue to workefficiently, dedicated and responsible to work on the processes of Euro integration, democratization and economic development of the country. In the firs Mandate maximally we have been invested in creation of the possibilities for continuation of the process of euro integration, for building of values and state in which each citizens will feel free, equally and safe.

The responsibility in this term is even greater. Important processes have been initiated that have a
direct impact on the quality of life of citizens. We will change things together, in cooperation with the
citizens, with transparent and accountable work, said Milevski. Responsibility of this mandate is bigger
important processes have been started who have direct influence in the quality of living of the citizens. Works will be exchange together , in cooperation with the citizens , with transparency and report work, emphasize the Minister.

The Minister of Local Self-government said that coming from the real needs of the citizens and therefore
will work on the improvement of the system of local self-government, consistent implementation of the
policy for balanced regional development and more efficient management with the IPA Funds of the
European Union for cross –border cooperation, and this mandate has started with the strategic planning
and programming of all three areas.

We started with a preparation of a new Strategy for reginal development and a Law for Balanced
Regional Development. Strategic document will determine the development of the planning regions and
the state in the next 10 years. Works must change systematically, because the previous strategic
document for the period 2009-2019 did not give the expected results. According to the development
index Skopje in relation with the others plan regions is unique more than twice. From the other side
again the information’s are showing that expenditures by the head of a habitant in the other plan
regions are only 1/3 lower in relation with the Skopje plan region, explained Milevski.

The evaluation done of the result from the implementation of the previous strategic document has
shown that in 10 years in the eight (8) plan regions were realized 2,247 projects in the amount of a total
373.8 million euros, or on average 166.355 euros per project. About 10 percent of these funds are
realized through the Ministry of Local Self-Government, and the other 90 percent through other line

- In this mandate as Ministry of Local Self-Government we want to change things with a frontal set of
measures that at the same time will reduce the differences, but will also increase the competitive advantages of each planning region. This means above all consistent respect for the level of
development of the planning regions through the distribution of funds for capital investments from all
sectors. Until now, this principle has been respected only by the Ministry of Local Self-Government. We
will change the quality of life by unifying the standard of public services in all parts of the country.
Schools, kindergartens, roads, communal infrastructure should be equally accessible and functional for
all citizens, says Milevski