Press release

       On the proposal of the Ministry of Local Self-Government, the Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia at yesterday's 37th meeting in a row approved the Decree on supplementing the Decree with legal force for the implementation of the Law on Local Self-Government during the state of emergency.

       This Decree provides the opportunity for the Chairman of the Municipal Council and the City of Skopje to have the opportunity to convene and lead meetings of the Council using communication tools (telephone or conference call using Internet communication and software tools).

      Given that in exceptional cases, when the municipalities and the city of Skopje should be maximally mobilized and functional, in order to provide conditions for the implementation of the recommendations and measures of the Government for the protection and prevention of coronavirus Covid 19, with this Decree provides legal conditions for the Municipal Council to be able to hold hearings and make decisions even in the event of obstacles to the members of the council to physically participate in the session, due to the implementation of Government measures.

    According to the Decree, in case of holding a meeting with the use of means of communication, the chairman of the council sends the agendaof the day and the materials for the session to them by e-mail. The voting will be done through the nominal declaration of each of the members of the council who are warned present at the session. for the ongoing meeting with be held an report due to the security of the transparency and accountability , imemdiately after the meeting is finished will be announced on the website of the municipalitiy or the City of Skope.

      In case of obstruction or absence of the Chairman of the Council, due to the action in accordance with the health regulations during the epidemic and due to the implementation of measures and recommendations of the Government, the opportunity is given tht the Council calls a meeting and at the same time to chair the most older member of the Council.

   Due to the greater efficiency of the work, the Decree offers the possibility for the Chairman of the Council to call the extraordinary meetings at the request of the Chairman.

    The Ministry of Local Self-Government recommends to the mayors of municipalities if they have not yet acted, to act in accordance with Article 52 paragraph 5 of the Law on Local Self-Government and to determine which members of the council will replace it in case of obstruction or absence , and according to legal authorizations, to authorize one or more persons from among the employees to sign financial acts or other acts.


Ministry of Local Self-Government