Debate on the topic "Institutional Support of Regional Development in the Republic of North Macedonia - with special reference to the centers for development of the planning regions" held at the Institute for Sociological and Political Studies - Legal Research (ISPPI) at the University "Ss. Cyril and Methodius "- Skopje. At the event was promoted the study "Institutional Support of Regional Development in the North Republic of Macedonia (2018)".

Deputy Minister Pavleski emphasized the initiative of the Institute for Sociological, Political and Juridical Research in the realization of this extremely important study for the forthcoming period, especially now that a new ten-year strategy for balanced regional development should be adopted, as well as a change of Law on Balanced Regional Development.

He also noted that "The Government has devotedly and thoroughly worked on the issues of balanced regional development, and in that direction, all capital investments that so far occur (kindergartens, schools, roads, railways, water supply, sewerage and other infrastructure) performed in all regions of the whole territory of the country ". Regarding the EU accession, Pavleski added: "We are firmly convinced that the accession of our state to the EU, in addition to the democratization and normalization of our society, will bring much more development, progress and prosperity to all citizens on the whole territory of the Republic."

The event was opened by the Director of the Institute, Dr. Bojana Naumovska, who noted that "the study analyzes the various dimensions and aspects of the institutional support, organization and functioning of the Centers for Development of the Planning Regions, as relevant institutions competent for the implementation of the Strategy for Regional Development of the Republic of North Macedonia, 2009-2019 ".Mr. Ramiz Rexepi, Director of the Bureau for Regional Development, also addressed the event, addressing the challenges facing the line ministry, including the Bureau.

In addition to the aforementioned, the heads of the Centers for Development of the Skopje, the South-West, the East and the Vardar Planning Region and the representative of the MLS, Ms.Slavica Jakimovska, Head of the Sector for Balanced Regional Development included in the discussion.