Minister of Local Self-Government Suhejl Fazliu met today in the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia with undergraduate students of the Faculty of Law of the South East European University in Tetovo. Up to this meeting came at the request of the High School emphasized with the sole purpose of the appropriate practical and theoretical connection that has to do with the functioning of local government, which for students is interesting as an important constitutional and normative category and integral part of NRM political system.

Minister Fazliu welcomed the present students by encouraging those on the road to success to be as responsive and responsible as possible in the work and profession that they will be exercising in the future. He briefed the students on the role of the Ministry of Local Self-Government, the bodies in its composition, the competencies and concrete activities exercised by the ministry, as well as the concrete activity for the development of the municipalities and regions in the country. He congratulated the students and their professor for the interest shown to gain direct and first-hand information.

 For the purpose of the meeting, the university professor at SEEU, doc.dr. Blerton Sinani, who emphasized the importance of practical work in the respective and theoretical institutions that earn the students in the faculty amphitheatre’s.

At the meeting, the undergraduate students of the Faculty of Law of the University of SEEU addressed more questions to Minister Fazliu, which mainly related to the internal organization of the ministry, the decentralization process, fiscal decentralization and financing of municipalities for which Minister Suhejl Fazliu responded in detail to what the students showed interest.

Minister Fazliu in more detail informed the students about the efforts and activities that are being carried out for equal regional development, the projects funded by the Ministry, the projects funded by the European Union within the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Funds and the forth coming Development Strategy regional, for which there is a need for greater involvement of the subjects and experts of this field. Finally, Minister Fazliu emphasized the possibility for group of students of the faculty of law to come to the ministry and directly from employees to get acquainted with practical work and daily activities.