The Minister of Local Self-Government Suhejl Fazliu today received in his cabinet the mayor of Zhelino, Blerim Sejdiu with whom they talked about the current activities in this municipality, development plans, solution of infrastructure problems and opportunities for using state funds dedicated to municipalities and funds from the European Union.

   Minister Fazliu expressed his readiness to support the initiatives from the municipality of Zhelino, highlighting, on the one hand, the limited possibilities of the Ministry of Local Self-Government and, on the other hand, the many opportunities offered by the funds from the state budget and EU funds. But in this case, he singled out the appropriate professional engagement and activities that the municipalities should undertake to utilize the opportunities provided, namely through concrete and qualitative projects to achieve the financial means and the practical implementation of their goals. Minister Fazliu emphasized that in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications there will be grants from the World Bank for the regulation and construction of local roads that will be a good opportunity for municipalities.

   The Mayer of the municipality of Zhelino, Blerim Sejdiu, unveiled the priorities of the municipality for this year, the necessary solution of the infrastructure problems faced by the inhabitants of this municipality and business entities, especially the need for reconstruction of the streets and alleyways of settlements. He requested the review of the possibilities for application in future public announcements with projects that would improve the living conditions of the residents, as well as the reconstruction of the two schools in Zhelino municipality with funds from the Ministry of Local Self-Government. The Mayer Sejdiu also mentioned the construction of the Youth Culture Center for which he expects financial support from IPA funds for cross-border cooperation.

At the end of the meeting, Minister Fazliu said that the Ministry of Local Self-Government is open to cooperation, with all the capacities available for fruitful cooperation in the interest of the citizens.