This year, with the support of the Japanese Government nine projects will be funded for improving public services in the fields of health, education, child care and municipal utilities, in total amount of almost half a million euros.

The agreements were signed by the representatives of the institutions from the municipalities of Stip, Kriva Palanka, Valandovo, Vinica, Veles, Makedonski Brod, Kavadarci, Mogila and Negotino, which are direct beneficiaries.

The Municipality of Stip will work on improving the conditions in the kindergarten Cvetovi, in the municipalities of Mogila and Negotino the schools will be renovated in the village of Dobrusevo and in the village Dolni Disan, in the municipalities of Veles, Makedonski Brod and Kavadarci the grants are dedicated to improve the services in the public health institutions, and in the municipalities of Vinica, Valandovo and Kriva Palanka for the procurement of equipment for public municipal companies.

Minister of Local Self-Government Suhejl Fazliu has congratulated the 25th anniversary of the cooperation between the Northern Republic of Macedonia and Japan.

Today’s event is just one of the many who have been confirming the support that the Japanese people give to our citizens for 25 years, through various projects, implemented in 46 municipalities. Over the "Grant Program for Small Projects" from 1996 until now, in these municipalities have been renovated 63 public educational institutions, equipment procured and renovated 41 public health institutions, 22 specialized firefighting vehicles, waste collection, backhoe loaders, snow cleaner and similar were procured. This year, the Japanese support, totaling almost half a million euros, is dedicated for 9 municipalities - Stip, Kriva Palanka, Valandovo, Vinica, Veles, Makedonski Brod, Kavadarci, Mogila and Negotino.

Minister Fazliu has welcomed the initiative of the local authorities, who through the prepared projects successfully managed to provide financial support through the program of the Japanese government. He also stressed the usefulness of the cooperation with Japan, which is not limited to financial support.

-To the whole support it gives added value and the culture of work and the realization of the cooperation. Exceptional commitment, precision, responsibility and care of things, even after the projects are fully taken over by their users. This valuable experience makes things even better and more valuable to us as a state, for the municipalities where the support is realized, for the public enterprises, schools, children kindergartens and other public institutions, for the employees in those institutions and for all of our citizens. Friends help, but good friends leave behind and good advice, extremely useful experiences that create values, said Minister Fazliu.