The system of local self-government is normatively set, but it should remain functional. The intervention in settling the debts of the municipalities. Work is being done to improve the financing of block grants services in the fields of education, kindergartens and cultural institutions in order to provide optimum funds from the central budget, not to create additional debts, but also to make savings with the rational spending of the citizens' money, said Minister of Local Self-Government SuhејlFazliu. Fazliu put emphasis on the balanced regional and local development.

"2019 will be even more successful than the previous one, given that the budget funds for balanced regional development projects in relation to 2018 have increased by over 50 percent, and the funds for co-financing cross-border projects for 100 percent".

Last year, with a total of 4.5 million euros from the budget of the Ministry of Local Self-Government, a total of 98 projects were developed for the development of the planning regions, for the development of the villages and for areas with specific development needs. It is about 98 infrastructure projects or the preparation of technical documentation for the construction of a local road, sewerage or water supply network, treatment plant or other interventions that solve problems of the citizens.

"This year, only from the Budget Program for balanced regional development, projects will be financed in the eight planning regions in the country in the total amount of 7 million euros. It is about 100 percent more funds compared to 2017. Our goal, the Government and the Ministry of Local Self-Government, is to increase the differences in the quality of life with greater targeting of funds in the less developed planning regions and villages. The priority of this Government is with greater coordination, the resources of the various departments to be directed where it is most needed, according to the level of development. All citizens should receive equal access to public sector services, regardless of their place of residence. "

Another important aspect for the Ministry of Local Self-Government is the implementation of cross-border cooperation projects funded by the European Union through the IPA Instrument. These projects in the amount of 15 percent are co-financed from the state budget through the Ministry of Local Self-Government.

"With the increase in co-financing of 100 per cent, the government has increased the possibilities for greater absorption of funds from the European Union. We need to show greater financial and professional capacity for transparent and responsible management of the funds from the European Union so that we can realize everything and fight for even greater funds in the next programming period after 2020. "

In 2018, contracts were signed for realization of 40 projects under the Cross-border Cooperation Program with Greece, totaling 20 million euros and contracts for 9 projects from the Program with Kosovo, totaling 3 million euros. Two new public calls for projects were announced, with Bulgaria and Albania. The public call with Albania is still up to date, by February 1st, and is putting us a new 3m euros at our disposal. The public call with Bulgaria is over and this year will be signed the financing agreements for the approved projects, for which the European Union has provided 7 million euros.

In 2019, new public calls for projects with Serbia and Kosovo will be announced. 1.8 million euros are available for cross-border cooperation projects with Serbia, and 2.5 million for projects with Kosovo. In the process of identification is a joint strategic project of the Cross-border Cooperation Program with Greece, which would be financed this year, amounting to 4 million euros. It is not excluded that this should be the construction of a new border crossing with Greece, Markova Noga, in the Prespa region. ".

Minister Fazliu expressed satisfaction with the realization in 2018.

"The most important thing is to have a sincere attitude towards citizens and problems. I am convinced that with this way of work we are on the right track in 2019 to achieve results that will substantially make a difference in the quality of life in the municipalities. "