Deputy Minister Pavleski in Stip: Priority of the Government and the Ministry of Local Self-Government is the improvement of public services, thanks to the Japanese Government for continuous support

Today Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government Dejan Pavleski met with Mayor Blagoj Bocvarski and the Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Macedonia, Keiko Haneda.

In the presence of the employees from the regional Clinical Center in Stip, the Ambassador Haneda handed over the two medical vehicles provided to him within the project "Improving the health of the Clinical hospital Stip by providing ambulances vehicles ", through which vehicles were provided for transport of patients in the amount of 40,262 euros.

"The relations with the Municipality of Stip have always been excellent and we have agreed to continue to nurture our friendship. This is not the first cooperation between the Japanese Government and the Municipality of Shtip. Since 2000, Japan has supported health and educational institutions in Shtip with more than 192,000 euros and more than half a million euros for the entire eastern region. By the way, you notice that there is a sweet kitten on the vehicles, this is the new mascot of this Japanese program on the occasion of the jubilee 30 years since granting grants in the country. I hope that through these cooperation projects and many others, our friendship will continue to strengthen in the future, "said the Ambassador Haneda.

"Great gratitude to the Japanese Government and to the Embassy of Japan in the Republic of Macedonia for the continued assistance that it gives to the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia. The Ministry of Local Self-Government and the Government of the Republic of Macedonia have the priority to improve the services and to ensure uniform access for all citizens on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia, and at the same time to improve the quality of life for all citizens. Such projects that are supported by the Japanese Government are continuously in that direction. I want to give recognition to the Municipality of Stip and the Center for Development of the East Planning Region that manage to recognize the intentions of the Japanese Government to help and apply with appropriate projects. That is the way in which other municipalities and planning regions need to recognize the handed hands from our donor friends and jointly do as much as possible for our citizens, "said the Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government Dejan Pavlevski.

"Today is a nice day for the citizens of the Municipality of Stip. I had a very useful meeting with the Ambassador of Japan in the Republic of Macedonia, where I expressed my gratitude on behalf of all the citizens of the Municipality of Stip for this grant that is being granted to the Clinical Hospital. This donation is extremely important. At the Clinical Hospital Stip, she needs support, and a new clinical center is being built. The equipment is always needed for the citizens. I believe that with these vehicles, our services and doctors will be able to save a lot of human lives here, said Mayor Blagoj Bocvarski.

Ambassador Haneda noted that she recognizes and appreciates the efforts and achievements of Mayor Bocvarski for the development of the Municipality of Stip not only as a regional center, but also as a municipality that shows serious leadership in the processes of European integration, democracy and openness. The Ambassador Haneda noted that the friendship between Japan and Macedonia will continue, with the continuation of concrete cooperation in the interest of all citizens.