Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government, Dejan Pavleski, today in the Special Institute - Demir Kapija, is participating in a round table on the process of deinstitutionalization in the social sector. At the forum are participating The Minister of Labor and Social Policy Mila Carova, as organizer and competent ministry, mayors from the region and experts.

In his addressing, the Deputy Minister Pavleski emphasized that with the decentralization process, part of the services in the social sphere were transferred to the local level. To this end, deinstitutionalization can be a continuation of this process in which service users can best get the service, taking into account their individual needs. An even more important aspect is the socialization of people and their integration into the local community.

- "The Ministry of Local Self-Government will give maximum support in this process through cooperation with the competent ministry and above all with the municipalities, because in the end, what we need to provide together are better living conditions for all citizens," said Mr.Pavleski.