With the promotion of the new memorial of Nikola Karev in the locality Svilanovo, near the village of Rajchani in Kocani, today was marked the 113th anniversary of the death of the great Macedonian revolutionary, ideologist and president of the Krushevo Republic.

In the presence of mayors from the East Planning Region, Delegations from Krushevo and citizens' associations, Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government Dejan Pavleski spoke, who, welcoming the regional initiative, expressed readiness to support such projects, which by networking and popularization could give him stronger an impetus for the development of the region.

- The commitment of the Government of the Republic of Macedonia is that it will especially be committed to encouraging the local as well as the smooth development of the country. All citizens in the country should have equal access to water, sewage and road infrastructure, decent schools and kindergartens, whether they live in a city or in the countryside - said the Deputy Minister Pavleski.

With the project "Construction of a landmark at the site of the death of Nikola Karev, Svilanovo" on an area of ​​about 500 square meters, the leveling of the terrain, paving and installation of urban equipment, and lighting with sunlight was performed. A memorial space and a relaxing resort was created through the Osogovo-mountain setting.

The project is financed by the national budget through the Program for Balanced Regional Development for 2017 by the Ministry of Local Self-Government - Bureau for Regional Development with co-financing from the municipalities of Kocani and Cesinovo-Obleshevo, totaling 5,647,000 denars.