Тogether with local authorities we are working to strengthen the capacities and improve the financial stability of the municipalities

Minister of Local Self-Government Suhail Fazliu addressed today the General Assembly of the Association of Local Self-Government Units, which marked the Municipal Day and the ZELS Birthday.

-This day is an occasion to mark the fact that for 46 years in the Republic of Macedonia, one of the most important organizations, the Association of Municipalities, is unique, engaged and ready to face the challenges that are neither small nor simple. They are always the result of major systemic reforms that have a direct impact on the functioning of the local self-government.

In the presence of the President of ZELS, Petre Shilegov, Mayors and Council Presidents, Minister Fazliu noted that the partnership between the Government and the Ministry of Local Self-Government and the Association of Local Self-Government Units resulted in successful implementation of the process of decentralization of the government. I expect, Fazliu said that this partnership will help the current challenges arising from the Government's program commitments to continue decentralization in the areas in which citizens can be more quality and more efficient serviced at local level by involving them in the creation of local policies and decision-making.

- In the final phase of the preparation are changes to the Program for Sustainable Local Development and Decentralization and the new Action Plan for its implementation for the period until 2020. This step, as well as the increased financial support from the Government for improving the services of the municipalities financed by block grants, as well as the increased volume of funds for balanced regional development, have been positively assessed in the European Commission Report. We will continue to work together with the municipalities and ZELS to strengthen the capacities and improve the financial stability, said Minister Fazliu.