In the framework of the regional initiative for promotion of a favorable business environment "Partnership for a Competitive Region", Minister of Local Self-Government Suhail Fazliu participates in the Ceremony of awarding a Certificate for a favorable business environment of municipalities from the Republic of Macedonia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro Gora and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This year, within the framework of this event, the Municipality of Ilinden was proclaimed the Republic of Macedonia for the municipality with the most favorable business environment. The City of Skopje has so far received this certificate as well as the municipalities of Strumica, Gazi Baba, Bogdanci, Shtip, and Veles.

Business Friendly Certification South East Europe (BFC SEE) is the only program to improve the quality of services and information that municipalities in the region of Southeast Europe offer to companies.

BFC SEE provides companies with a clear direction for creating a suitable business environment and introducing internationally recognized standards for transparent and efficient local administration. For investors seeking to move or expand their businesses in Southeast Europe, BFC SEE serves as a standardized tool for assessing local business conditions by indicating which municipalities in the region provide the best investment climate.

The initiative is implemented with the support of the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) - The Open Regional Fund for Modernization of Municipal Services, BFC SEE. The program began in 2012 through a network of partner institutions in the region in order to establish common standards and put a quality stamp for the business environment in the municipalities and major cities of Southeast Europe.