Minister of Local Self-Government Mr. Suhеil Fazliu and US Embassy Mr. Jess Bailey at a forum with mayors:

For more than two decades, Peace Corps volunteers, together with municipalities and civic organizations, help improve living conditions in local communities in the Republic of Macedonia.

In the organization of the Peace Corps and the Ministry of Local Self-Government, a Forum was held today in Skopje with the mayors who were presented their experiences of US volunteers who are staying in several municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia and are engaged in local communities.

At the Forum, in the presence of mayors and other representatives from the municipalities, spoked the US Ambassador Mr.Jess Bailey, the Minister of Local Self-Government Suheil Fazliu, Peace Corps Director Mark Hanafin, how and Peace Corps Volunteers.

-The citizens of the Republic of Macedonia have been building strong friendly relations with the American people for decades. Together we have realized many joint projects, directly financed by US taxpayers. Projects that have a great impact on the lives of our citizens and the creation of lasting, inextricable relations. And the Peace Corps, present in the Republic of Macedonia over two decades, has greatly contributed to strengthening friendship and co-operation, said Minister Fazliu.

The Minister Fazliu expressed expectation that all municipalities in the Republic of Macedonia will use the opportunity and will be hosted by the new volunteers, because at the local level the possibilities for designing and implementing joint activities are enormous.

Event is organized shortly before the Call for applications for volunteers for 2018, which can be attended by all interested primary and secondary public schools, municipalities and non-governmental organizations. The next group of volunteers will arrive in the Republic of Macedonia in September by 2018 and will include English language teachers, defectologists and community development specialists. The deadline for applications is April 27.