Deputy Minister Dejan Pavleski, State Secretary Kiril Partalov and heads of the Ministry of Local Self-Government held a working meeting with representatives of the World Bank. The World Bank team consisted of Mr. Jorge Martinez (consultant), Ms. Edith Kokoni (economist), Mr. Lazar Sestovic (economist), Mr. Bojan Shimbov (economist) and David Landry (consultant).

At the beninign  World Bank representatives showed interest in the government's strategy for reforms in the decentralization process, the role of the ministries of local self-government and finances, the improvement of the formula for allocating funds from the central to the local government, the potential measures for increasing the fiscal capacities of the units the local self-government, etc.

The Deputy Minister Dejan Pavleski emphasized the strong commitment of the new Government to reaffirm the decentralization process, and one of the first measures it took was to form a working group of the respective ministries, which by May 2018 should prepare an in-depth analysis, with which will be able to propose appropriate models for improving the situation in the units of the local self-government.

At the end of the meeting, the satisfaction was expressed that the representatives of the World Bank and the Ministry of Local Self-Government have a common goal, taking a concrete measures, steps and reforms in order to create a stable, better and sustainable system of decentralization, which will provide functional municipalities that which will offer quality services to the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia.