In total of six (6) million euros next year will be allocated for financing projects for balanced regional development in the eight planning regions, said the Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government Mr.Dejan Pavleski said at the constitutional meeting of the Skopje plan Region.

The seventeen (70) municipalities in this region will have the opportunity to realize projects for rural development and areas with specific development needs. With the support of the Ministry of Local Self-Government the local infrastructure and the quality of life of the citizens will be improved, Pavleski said.

The newly elected President of the Council for Development of the Skopje Planning Region Mr.Georgievski pointed out that his goal would be the right balanced development of the region with an emphasis on the rural areas.

- We will work openly and transparently with the ultimate goal of improving the conditions of citizens in all municipalities.  The future cooperation of the municipalities from the SPR I look forward in development of the preparation of the strategy and a program for development of the region, an action plan for implementation, as well as expert and technical assistance to local self-governments and encouraging of inter-municipal cooperation, said Mr.Georgievski.