Representatives of the steering authority of the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program with Greece 2014-2020, Ms.Angelliki Bouziani, leader and managing authority, Aleksandros Samaras, unit leader B1 at the managing  authority, and Zhupan Martinovski, an official involved in the Joint Secretariat in Thessaloniki, visited the Ministry of Local Self-Government, respectively, meeting with Minister Suheil Fazliu.

The purpose of the visit of the managing authority was the meeting with Minister Fazliu and relevant officials - responsible at the Ministry of Local Self Government to discuss the current state of the IPA Cross Border Cooperation Program with Greece 2014-2020 and the Balkan-Mediterranean Transnational Cooperation Program 2014-2020.

More concretely, at the meeting, representatives of the managing authority has informed the minister about the selected projects of the first call for project proposals. In the framework of both programs they discussed the modalities of project financing and the possibilities for second announcement of project proposals within IPA Cross Border Cooperation Program with Greece 2014-2020.

Minister Fazliu thanked to the representatives of the managing authority for the cooperation so far and the support provided to the Ministry of Local Self-Government as a national authority. He also expressed a readiness to be propulsion for deepening of the cooperation between the two states and wished a successful implementation of the programs.