The Minister of Local Self-Government Suheil Fazliu realized a meeting with the Ambassador of Poland to the Republic of Macedonia, HE Jacek Multanovski.

At the meeting, Minister Fazliu has informed the ambassador about the priorities of the Government in the sphere of ​​local self-government and balanced regional development. Fazliu stressed that Poland as a country has learned from the past in building of the democracy, and the experience in establishing a developed model of local self-government can be useful and for the Republic of Macedonia.

The Ambassador Multanovski expressed support for the current Government's policy and stressed the cooperation between the government departments .Ambassador Multanovski said that Poland supports the Republic of Macedonia on the path of integration into the European Union and in NATO. In this context, he expressed his readiness for direct cooperation between the competent ministries in the sphere of ​​local self-government and regional development.