With the constitution of the Steering Committee of the project “Improvement of the municipal services and practically has started its implementation that will last 30 months.Projects will be in amount of 2, 3 million euros funded by the Europena Union, carrier of the project is the Ministry of Local self-Government in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance, and will be implemented by UNDP.

Deputy Minister of Local Self-Government Dejan Pavleski emphasized the importance of this project for consolidation of the system of local self-government and providing conditions for better functioning of the municipalities. He stressed that the Ministry of Local Self Government works on the implementation of the Government's Program related with Local self-government, and this project should help to establish a system for monitoring the functionality of municipalities, as well as to improve the system of financing.

The project will also work on improving the capacities of municipalities to collect local taxes, as well as for transparent management of public finances. The project will also offer guidelines for sustainable municipal financing, based on a comparative analysis of the member states of the European Union. Will be financed projects in 30 municipalities, on a value of 26,000 euros for the municipality, as well as projects for inclusive development networks, in an individual value of 30,000 euros. Also within the project, 30 municipalities will be supported in the development of plans for local inclusive development.

 The project has three components - monitoring of the delivery of already transferred competencies and services, support to the municipalities in the implementation of new competencies, as well as improvement of the way of  financing of the municipalities and strengthening the capacities for managing with public finances.