Minister of Local Self-Government Suhejl Fazliu met today with members of the Local and Regional Council of Europe Delegation to discuss the upcoming local elections in the Republic of Macedonia for municipal financing and local and central government co-operation, especially in case of change of future leading structures in the municipalities.

The Minister Fazliu has expressed his satisfaction with the constant interest and assistance offered to the Republic of Macedonia, and in this context also the Ministry of Local Self-Government, underlining that he expects fair and correct elections that will bring new quality in municipal management, which is observed even during these days of the election campaign which is considered correct by all the participants in the elections.

-Now is the right moment to witness the democratic spirit in society, while the new Government is maximally interested in resolving problems with dialogue. We are doing our analysis in order to identify the reasons of the non-functioning quality of the local and central government's shortcomings, while we have decided to eliminate the corruption and equal regional development, said Minister Suhejl Fazliu.

Regarding the results that will emerge from the forthcoming local elections, Minister Fazliu once again emphasized that no matter which party's future mayors will come from, the Ministry of Local Self-Government will extend the co-operation and assistance to all. We will also commit ourselves to equally allocate the envisaged 1% of GDP for all municipalities and regions in our municipality.

On today meeting was and Deputy Minister for Local Self-Government, Dejan Pavlevski, which pointed out that the Government will redefine the block grants allocated to the municipalities while has promised assistance for municipalities that have blocked accounts and bigger financial problems. There has been and will be an internal audit throughout the municipality, and if is needed, the state will intervene for a faster resolution of the problems, said Mr.Pavleski.

Minister Fazliu has thanked the members of the Delegation for Local and Regional Government of EC, expressing gratitude for the assistance offered for our country's membership to NATO and the European Union.