Minister of Local Self-Government Suhejl Fazliu held a protocol meeting today with Deputy Ambassador of Great Britain in Skopje, Mr.Paul Edwards.

At this meeting, Minister Fazliu announced the British deputy Ambassador with the Priority, Programming and Legal Determinations of the Ministry of Local Self-Government, with the continuation of the processes and activities that have been initiated regarding the deepening of the democratization of the society through the decentralization of local government, enhancement of municipal competencies and their staff development and economic.

In this regard, the Minister Fazliu underlined - we are committed and fully committed on creating the most advanced conditions and standards in local self-government units so that citizens have a direct impact on decision-making and the provision of more qualitative and simplified services . He restressed the unequivocal support of the international community for the realization of many activities and projects so far, which are of particular importance also for the Ministry of Local Self-Government, expressing to the EU, in this way also to Britain, gratitude for the contribution so far on the journey of Macedonia in the European family.

Deputy Ambassador Edwards thanked to the Minister Fazliu for the realized meeting and expressed the hope deeply cooperation in the future.