Deputy Minister of the Local Self-Government Dejan Pavleski today visited the Center for Development of the Northeast Planning Region. Previously, the Deputy Minister Pavleski had separate meetings with the Mayor of the Municipality of Kumanovo, Zoran Damjanovski and the President of the Council of the Municipality of Kumanovo, Aleksandar Arsic.

At the meeting in the Center for Development of the Northeast Planning Region, were present members of the Council for Development of the Northeast Planning Region, the Mayors of the Municipality of Kumanovo, the Municipality of Kriva Palanka,Municipality of Rankovce, the Municipality of Kratovo and a representative from the Municipality of Lipkovo, were present.

The Deputy Minister Dejan Pavleski pointed out at the meeting that this is his first meeting of the planning region precisely because the region has the least capital investments in the previous twelve years, the lowest level of participation in the total GDP and is convincingly with the lowest level of development, which is confirmed and the development indices in accordance with the decision for classification of the planar regions in the Republic of Macedonia. He pointed out that this has caused great injustice to the entire region, and that's why the new Government of SDSM will be devoted much more to the balanced development of the regions and reducing the differences between urban, city centers and rural, rural areas.

The Mayors from the municipalities in this region pointed out a huge number of problems they face in their functioning which reflects the quality of services to the citizens. They pointed out that in the past period the Law for balanced regional development was not completely respected and that there were no adequate criteria for how the funds are distributed. It was pointed out that there are problems with providing stable financing of the municipalities with which they will be able to perform all their competences.

What we will strive for and work in the next period is to strengthen the capacity of the municipalities in order to be sustainable, effective and efficient, and in this way, citizens of the whole territory of the Republic of Macedonia receive equal quality services, and therefore more qualitative Life, "stressed the deputy minister Pavleski.