Minister of Local Self Government, Suhejl Fazliu today has realized a meeting with the permanent representative of UNDP in Macedonia, Louisa Vinton.

On the meeting was discussed for the priorities of the Ministry which has rise out of the Program of the new Government, as well as the readiness of UNDP for the support of the projects for better management on local level.

The Minister Fazliu and the UNDP Representative Louisa Vinton attended on the opening of the forum for improvement of services for people with disabilities.

All citizens have the right to equal public services. Institutions exist to provide those conditions. The current is clearly expressed on a huge difference in the capacities of municipalities do not guarantee equal access of citizens toward education, health, infrastructure and administrative services.

Our fellow citizens with disabilities need equal opportunities to access to public services. Neither more nor less, but equally as others. This means that is needed greater awareness of their needs which will reach only by their inclusion in all spheres of public life, said the Minister Fazliu.

    The forum is organized by UNDP with the participation of NGOs and representatives of municipalities.