The conservation and the restoration of the church“ St. Vlasie ” are of particular importance for improving the touristic offer of Stip. The activity is realized in the frame of the project "Cultural Bridge through the Centuries", funded through the IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Program between Bulgaria and North Macedonia. - Today I made the first visit to Stip of the new mayor Dr. Sashko Nikolov. We talked about his plans and projects that he has for the municipality of Stip and how we as the Ministry of local self-government can help through our programs that include the financing of urban areas, specific areas, financing of villages. During the visit we also inspected the construction activities at the archeological site Isar, wherewith the project from the Center for development of the East planning region, this cultural-historical landmark in Stip is reconstructed and put into function, accessibility to the locality is improved through the construction of a path and reconstruction of the church "St. Vlasie ”and its surroundings, in the amount of 90 thousand euros. I am pleased to state that we will put into operation another tourist attraction and that will enrich the tourist offer of Stip. I hope that with the Center for development of the East planning region as well as with the municipality of Stip we will continue to successfully cooperate in the future, emphasized the Minister of local self-government Goran Milevski.

- With the Minister of Local Self-Government Milevski, we have visited the archeological part of the Isar where the church "St. Vlasie ”, wherein the final, final phase is the construction of the access path that leads to this archeological site, where the foundations of the church dating back to the 14th century have already been reconstructed. The church is a significant historical moment for our municipality and with money received from the Center for Development East Planning Region together with the Ministry this project is successfully completed and we will be eager as a Municipality for further projects that we discussed with the Minister. In the future the municipality of Stip will draw projects that will be realized, said the mayor of the municipality of Stip, Sasko Nikolov. The church "St. Vlasie ”is located at the archeological site“ Isar ”and was discovered with archeological excavations by an expert team from the Institute for protection of the cultural monuments and Museum - Stip in 2010. The construction activities envisage conservation and restoration of all wall canvases with stone and opus with a wall up to a maximum of 1.5 meters above ground level. The floor will be restored on its entire surface with stone slabs. The second part of the project is the construction of an access path to the church on the west side, in a length of 146 meters which will be made entirely of stone. The third part of the project includes the lighting of the access path and the church "St. Vlasie "with decorative candelabra. In the frame of the project, training for tourist guides as well as training for the management of cultural events and cultural heritage will be realized.